Friday, August 11, 2006

So I'm home...

...with my baby boy who happens to have several different illnesses. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease being the reason why he can't go to daycare today. The other afflictions are dermatologist-treatable things like cradle cap and a viscous case of infant acne (we think).

The disease is a virus that will pass in a few days, but the skin stuff requires long-term treatment.

Incredibly, Owen acts like nothing is different -- for the most part. He isn't eating quite as much as he normally does, but pretty close to the standard five ounce bottle every 3-4 hours.

He does scratch his face and scalp, leaving cuts and scrapes that look like he was playing in broken glass.

The whole thing makes a new parent feel helpless. Until we see the dermatologist today, we can't really do anything for the skin problems. The virus will work its way out of his system in a few days, but we can only give him a tiny syringe of Tylenol to ease a fever (which he doesn't currently have).

So now I must wait until the dermatologist can squeeze us in today...

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