Monday, May 04, 2009

Summer Projects at the Library

We had a splendid graduation on Saturday, with 180+ students earning diplomas. The weather cooperated for our outdoor ceremony, although it was hot with the black regalia!

I'll be starting my annual summer "catch up" projects soon. They will include:

  • Statistics - we gather a multitude of statistics for a variety of professional and governmental agencies. I will be placing them in spreadsheets and deciphering what the individual surveys are actually looking for.
  • LibGuides - we will be adding to our very slim collection of subject guides. We need to beef them up for a hard launch in the fall
  • Revamping LIB101 - Alexa and I are retooling LIB101 from the ground up, and going without a textbook.
  • Updating EzProxy - our proxy software is a couple of years old now, so it will need updating with the help of our crack IT staff. I probably won't do this until mid-July when Coker is not in session
  • Prepping for my SCLA poster session - I am still working on a Kindle poster idea for this Fall's annual conference.
This is only the tip of the iceberg!

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rapsc said...

That comment on my blog about Snopes was very on target. Most people do not even think about checking so I am thinking maybe when you are covering the stuff about determining the authenticity of a web site in the Library training you mention the available of these sites to check suspect chain emails.