Friday, April 09, 2010

Going without TV...sort of

We decided not to renew or extend our DirecTV contract when it ended late last month. At $80 a month for one receiver, the second tier package (which includes Sprout and VS. for my hockey addiction), HD access, and the service plan, it got to be a little more than what we wanted to spend. I suppose we could have cut the HD access and second tier programming, but even then it would still be around $65. The service plan paid for itself easily -- we'll definitely get it again.

Even if they gave us a great deal for renewing, it would have lasted about 6 of the 24 months of the contract, and probably would have ended up near $100 a month at the end of the term. Unreal.

To be honest, we really don't watch a lot of live television. The boys (well, Owen) watch videos and we watch streaming TV shows on the computers. Fortunately, Netflix started streaming their online content on the Wii a few days before shutting down our subscription to DirecTV. Great timing!

Netflix has tons of kids programming on there, including about 7 seasons of the lion series of Voltron, a favorite of my childhood. I was 11 when it was on though, so I am a little shocked at how much Owen likes it.

It should be interesting, and after 10 days, we don't miss it yet. We'll see how long we can hold out!

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