Sunday, September 24, 2006

Saturday with CSS

So you are probably thinking that this is some sort of illness suffered by Owen. Not at all. Actually, he and mom went up to visit Granny (her mother) and left me to my own devices, i.e. massive amounts of school work.

What this involves was an entire day staring at my computer screen (which isn't a bad thing for me) and trying to figure out Cascading Style Sheets. Not that figuring CSS out was difficult, just time consuming. Unfortunately, most of the day was spent doing "busy work" via Chapter review questions in the text book. Although I am in a graduate program, there are still traces of high school here and there.

It was a strange day -- I haven't been away from wife and child since he was born. I actually slept an entire eight hours uninterrupted! After a few hours this morning, I began to miss the feeding/diaper changing/sleep cycle. Everyday he changes and has more personality.

Fortunately, I am never more than a few steps away from a picture of Owen...and of course my Windows desktop is a beaming picture of him at two months.

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