Thursday, March 08, 2007

About my E-mail...

I almost forgot about a terrible potential e-mail tragedy that almost happened last week.

All of a sudden, my Comcast e-mail account stopped working. I've had the account since my parents got high speed Internet back in the late 1990's. The unfortunate aspect of the e-mail loss was that I have that e-mail address on every one of the forty-odd resumes I've mailed in the last four months.

It began with an online chat with a customer support guy early one morning (I hate talking to customer support over the phone). After a day without Outlook Express allowing me to login to my account, I thought it was time for me to talk to someone. Well, this support tech informed me that my account was deleted because we canceled service at some point. Normally, he informed me, accounts are deleted three months after service termination...but in my case almost four years had elapsed since I shut the account down when I got married. So I asked him if my account was retrievable. He (I'm assuming Jason is a "he") said there was nothing he could do.

I went to work thinking that I've lost all of these wonderful job contacts because of Comcast's stupidity. I was disgusted and hurt. I contact customer service again, and another tech had the e-mail account back up in running in seconds. Basically, he said, make sure you transfer the e-mail account when changing addresses. Lesson learned, disaster averted.

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