Thursday, March 08, 2007

Things picking up on the job front...

It looks like I will be getting a job sooner rather than later. By this time next week, I will have had three interviews -- two by phone and one live and in person. I would say my prospects for a job offer are pretty good -- but I hope I'm not jinxing myself by talking about it.

I wonder if I can mention the names of the glorious institutions that are interested in hiring me? I suppose I can mention the Dallas Public Library. I applied for a job with them back in September. I received a notice about month after applying stating that they would keep my application on file for six months. Then last week, a request for a phone interview materialized. It was my first phone interview, and it started off pretty rough. I started rambling and not making sense, but I managed to realize this and quickly tamped that down. I ended on a strong note by asking good questions and "connecting" with the other three librarians. Dallas would be a great place to live -- it would be a nice change to live in a big city again.

The other two libraries are in South Carolina, and I am reluctant to mention them here...for now. I haven't interviewed yet with either, so I will hopefully update the blog when that happens.

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