Thursday, April 12, 2007


I had a "perfect storm" of job offers, so to speak.

It began Monday afternoon when The Citadel offered me the Reference position. Knowing that Coker was a better fit for me, I decided (under advisement) to call and see how their budget process was coming along.

Once I mentioned I had another job offer, but I really wanted to work at Coker, the ball started rolling. The director said that they were at 98%, but she wanted to call her boss and get to 100%.

It turns out that her boss called the president of the college to sidestep the budgetary process to get me hired. They called back later that evening with a generous offer plus moving expenses. Also, the current job will gradually phase out and turn into the job I originally applied for -- Electronic Resources Librarian. Can this be a more perfect situation?

I start July 1st or so, and I will know more when the Letter of Intent arrives today.

We are meeting with the Realtor this afternoon and hopefully she will give us some good news about the housing sales market.

Lisa will be applying for jobs tonight, and hopefully we will hear something soon about her employment prospects.

What a ride!

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